Log Bagging Made Eazi

with Eazi Pak


Eazi Pak Maxi

The Eazi Pak Maxi firewood bagging machine.                  This timelapse video shows three operators filling fifty 60x45 nets in 16 1/2 minutes, equating to almost 200 nets per hour.

Eazi Pak Midi

The Eazi Pak Midi firewood bagging machine is ideal for the small producer.


About Us

We manufacture and supply the the Eazi Pak Maxi & Midi Firewood Bagging Machines which are designed to make bagging firewood and logs an easy and highly productive process. 

Both machines are single-phase electric powered. 

  • The larger Eazi Pak Maxi has a capacity of up to 3m. 

  • The smaller Eazi Pak Midi has a capacity of up to 1.5m.

To view our Eazi Pak brochure click on the pdf below:

Why is there a need for this machine?

Every other process in the Forest industry has been mechanised from timber harvesting through to firewood processing. This is due to the need to replace highly expensive labour costs and reduce production time, in order to increase profitability for all businesses. So why should the netting of firewood be considered any differently.

"Two human brains and four hands cannot be replicated by a machine"

Until now attempts to mechanise bagging have been either too expensive and/or too complicated. The main reason for this is that as no two logs are identical in shape etc, a mechanism to actually place any log in the net does not exist.

The difference with the Eazi Pak is although the actual bagging is still done manually, the effort involved is minimal and can be done by practically anyone regardless of age and strength. This ensures production figures remain consistent throughout the day. During testing using two operators on 45 x 60 nets with 8" softwood, 150 nets per hour was easily achieved.


All other storage, delivery and cleaning functions of the Eazi Pak are mechanised and refined. 

Advantages of the Eazi Pak system over manual bagging

  • Less labour required

  • Increased production

  • No specialist skill required

  • Existing staff or family members can be utilised

  • Savings on labour costs easily pay for the Eazi-Pak

The below articles published in The Forestry Journal explain further. To view them please click on the pdfs below.

These machines are now available to view and purchase through Jas P Wilson Forest Machines based in Dalbeattie, Scotland. 

For more information contact Ken Reid from Jas P Wilson at:

Phone: (+44) 01556 612233

Email: sales@multi-log.co.uk